Wine Ratings

Our goal is to provide our readers with wine ratings that encourages them to try new wines they otherwise would never open. Our wine ratings are straight forward and to the point in our 5 bottle rating system from bad to fantastic.

The reason for this is because most people cannot tell the difference between a wine rated 86 points or 92 points–besides, just because someone doesn’t rank a wine 88 points or better doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be tried by the masses.

The truth is, wine can be broken down into three categories:

  • Fantastic
  • Good
  • Undrinkable

Our goal is to offer suggestions on what wine to try and for you to score them anyway you wish. Just have fun with it and use this as a guide into what to purchase as there are thousands of options to pick from.


This is a wine that you should avoid at all cost and trying something else.


Don’t be fooled by this wine rating, this is a drinkable bottle of wine and depending on one’s palette it could be rated higher.  But we won’t be opening a second bottle.


This is an pleasant wine that we would recommend to others.


Everyone loves good wine at a great price–these types of wine’s should get rewarded. Thus, the extra half-bottle score for what we consider a “deal” for our readers. When faced with the decision of what wine to purchase, these are a good place to start.


This is not the average bottle of wine and is a wine you should actively seek out either online, on the web, or visit the winery itself.


A nearly perfect bottle of wine that you should actively seek out when selecting wine.

An amazing wine that everyone should try and invest in buying a case or more. This is a wine we will actively seek out and drink on multiple occasions. An “epic” bottle of wine is an “epic” bottle of wine regardless of cost, location or name.

Editors Note – Cost Does Matter:
The higher the cost, the tougher we are with our wine ratings because like everything else, we seek out value. 
For example, if a $55 wine tastes average, its hard to justify to our readers a recommendation when they can get a similar wine for half the cost. The reverse is also true, if a $15 bottle of wine drinks like a $55 dollar wine, that is the type of value we can highly recommend to our readers. That said, in complete contradiction to ourselves, an “epic” bottle of wine is just an “epic” bottle of wine regardless of cost.