winetoday-img_4185WineToday.net is an online wine news and review source for wineries across the world. Our goal and mission is to highlight industry news while helping our readers find fantastic bottles of wine that they can share with their family, friends, and co-workers.

As producers of www.eastcountytoday.net in Contra Costa County covering local news, our goal here is to work with wineries and winemakers to produce content that benefits them and bring people to the winery or purchase wines.

The idea for this  stand-a-lone site came after a trip to Napa in 2015 where we visited multiple wineries on Pritchard Hill. After the trip, with a newfound love of wine, an attempt at locating a good bottle of wine at a grocery store became a chore — there were thousands of bottles to select from. Needless to say, the wrong bottle was picked.

Since then, our mission has been to find good wine and help guide our audience to making solid wine choices while encouraging them to visit wineries.

WineToday.net is based out of Oakley, CA which is located in Contra Costa County. Being from Oakley, grapes farmed in this city are bottled in 80+ different wines. Oakley is centrally located between key wine regions which include Lodi, Livermore Valley, Napa Valley, and Sonoma Valley.

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Wine Ratings
Our goal at winetoday.net is to provide our readers with wine ratings that encourage them to try new wines they otherwise would never open. Our wine ratings are straight forward and to the point in our “5 bottle rating system” from “pass to epic”

5-bottle-ratingThe reason for this is because most people cannot tell the difference between a wine rated 82 points or 92 points–the only thing they should know is they better like the 92 point wine better. That is not right as some may like an 82 point wine better than a 92 point wine.

Enjoyable wine is subjective to ones palate. So our goal is to offer suggestions on what wine to try and for you to score them anyway you wish. Just have fun with it and use this as a guide into what to purchase as there is thousands of options at a local store.

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