Wild Horse Pinot Noir 2013


The 2013 Wild Horse Pinot Noir is a wine you can find for around $12.00 at most local stores which is comes from the Central Coast in California.

This wine has a nice dark red color (garnet) with very subtle strawberry and vanilla aromas right off the bat.  After letting it sit, cranberry and brown sugar also come through but not very interesting. In the mouth, it was a nice pinot noir with again strawberry being the dominate flavor with a complexity of cherry, strawberry, cranberry and dark fruit. It was light and flavorful with a good finish.

This pinot noir is very fruit forward and a solid mid-week drink, but little to no “wow” factor–it was actually better on day two. For the price, its a decent deal but there are better choices out there. That said, its worth a try.

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About Wild Horse Winery:

Located in historic Templeton, Wild Horse Winery was named for the wild mustangs that roamed the hills east of the vineyard estate. Descendents of the first Spanish horses brought to California, these mavericks suggest a free, noble spirit. They are the ideal symbol for the Wild Horse Winery commitment to spirited winemaking.

Wild Horse Winery founder, Ken Volk, originally selected the Templeton vineyard and winery location in 1981 for its low vigor soils, proven ground water table, proximity to Estero Bay and rural atmosphere. Situated at a midpoint in the Central Coast, this location is ideal for sourcing fruit from vineyards north and south of the winery. Wild Horse Winery remains a champion of Central Coast winegrowing, committed to sustainable viticultural practices and creating fine wines that express the region’s diversity.

The varieties of soil composition and microclimates that can be found within the expansive Central Coast appellation present the opportunity to cultivate the same varietal in a wide range of growing conditions. This fact forms a key philosophy for Wild Horse Winery winemaking: multi-vineyard sourcing. While estate or vineyard-designated wines can be outstanding, they offer just one expression of the grapes from which they are produced. Growing the same varietal in different terroirs and then carefully blending the individual lots, sourcing fruit and working with many of the same growers for generations.

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